Terms of Service

Terms of Service

General Terms of Service (TOS)

You may upload game files and mods as long as your file submission is relevant to its parent category and is legal.

You cannot use our platform to sell game files or mods.  Nor may you use our platform to advertise.

Game Mod DB provides a free game files and mods hosting service platform.  All content on this site is user generated and must follow all applicable laws based on the location of each individual user.  All illegal content, abusive behavior, and trolling (creating fake accounts, bots using the site, etc) are strictly forbidden.  We reserve the right to terminate, delete, or suspend your account without notice.  Users are encouraged to self police content on this site by reporting any mod problems using the reporting tools found on each mod posting.

All pictures used and hosted on our platform must be legal and respect all applicable laws including copyrights.

This site (and its operators) cannot be held liable for anyone's actions.  It is merely a tool to upload and download game files and mods.  You assume all risk when uploading and downloading files.  We do our best to remove malicious files, but we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by files downloaded from our platform.

Registration Agreement

By registering to use our postings platform, you agree to use our platform only for lawful purposes and will not abuse our platform in any way.

We reserve the right to terminate and delete your account in the event that our services are abused.

Privacy Policy

Most file information posted on this site can be viewed by anyone and should be considered public information.  You are NOT required to provide any of your personal details in your mod postings.  Your account data is private information that will only be shared if required by law for legal reasons.  No user account information is shared with or sold to any third parties.  We do NOT data mine, sift through, or search your data for any nefarious purposes.  We respect your right to privacy, and we will do our best to ensure that your account information is secure.


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